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Hypdig (Hip Dig) is a consulting firm specializing in bringing their clients websites into modernity. So many websites today are designed for one browser on one type of device running one operating system (Internet Explorer on a PC running Windows). Not only is that short sighted, it eliminates potential clients from getting your message.

Here’s why it’s short sighted—10 short years ago, the browser world was owned by Netscape, cell phones were bricks, and only the optimistic were thinking about a day where you could get email on your refrigerator (that’s a bit of a stretch, but the point is valid). Who knows where we’ll be in 5 years—is your site ready?

Here’s why Hypdig is a consulting firm and not a front end/back end/design web shop—we’ve found that most people like what they have, they just want to make it better or freshen it up. That’s where we come in. We can help you migrate your current site to a one that will perform better on more browsers/platforms/devices than the traditional 1:1:1 (browser:device:operating system). We’re a strong proponent of standards — we like writing clean code.

If you don’t like your current site and want to give it a complete overhaul, or you don’t have a site—we can help you with that as well. Want more than HTML and CSS? We speak Flash (including Actionscript), XML/XSLT, Front End, Back End and devices. And if we don't speak it (like Oracle databases or fluent Esparanto), we probably know someone who does.

Old News

In 2004, Hypdig did an extensive review of the candidate websites. Visit our Elections page to read the review of the major party candidates websites for the September 2004 primary.